We are a company located in the north of Portugal. We benefit from Portugal’s long tradition on textile production. 2Move Garments uses a mixture of in-house production and subcontractors; our idea is letting specialists do what they do best while we ensure a best customer experience.

We are specialized in Fashion, Sportswear and Workwear. We propose the best solution to your request. We can work on relevant design solutions so you can get the most suitable and outstanding product.

Our team is always updated in all the new trends and is always willing to work it along your needs. We find in trend and performance the perfect challenge.

We control the whole process and provide our costumers a detailed weeekly status of any ongoing process.




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We ensure the best customer experience, from prototype to main production.


What people say

Ernest Pintar

From my experience working with 2Move is very good. We have straight and successful collaboration. They are always looking after the customer needs, during all process, they are always able to provide alternative solutions to ensure the best result. Excellent professionals and helpful people. Quite proactive team makes the whole productive process much easier and reliable.

Samuel Parrenin

Our collaboration is quite young, although we have worked for other brands in the past. The good thing about our young relationship is that we seem to understand each other quite easily. There is always a solution, there is always an open door, that is what I most appreciate while working at this company. TRUST AND EFFICIENCY is what we look for in our strong partners, thanks for that.


Edurne Santamaría

I must say it was a perfect and successful collaboration. The 2Move team is always focused on optimizing the final product. In the development phase, they are always able to provide alternative solutions to improve the final product. Excellent professionals and kind people. The job seems much easier with such a good partner.

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Jordi Marzà

I’ve been working in the garment industry for over 15 years, although there are other good suppliers, I never found a partner who treated brands as well as 2Move Garments. They understand the importance of the development and production process, the status is always up to date and available, they meet delivery deadlines even when they are challenging. In addition, they are always on the phone to help resolve any issues in a completely honest manner.



Rua da Bela, nº44

4780 – 189 – Santo Tirso




+351 252 853 194